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Rename windows computer remotely

Found on Spiceworks How-To’s

How many times have you deployed a machine and then had to change the name after going back to your comfy chair? It’s happened a couple times to me this week, so I thought I’d post a quick how-to on using the Windows XP Support Tools to rename computers across your domain.

If you don’t have the Windows XP Support Tools yet, you can download them here ->


Open A Dos Box

After you’ve installed the Windows XP Support Tools, open up a command window.


Run Netdom

So, let’s say you have a computer named wrongname on domain “mydomain” and want it to be renamed to computer1 with admin account “administrator”, then reboot after 60 seconds (with warning to user). You would use the following command in a cmd window:

netdom renamecomputer wrongname /newname:computer1
/userD:mydomain\administrator /passwordd:*
/usero:administrator /passwordo:* /reboot:60

That’s all one line, in case you’re wondering.