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Zabbix icmp pinger processes more than 75% busy

In zabbix the icmp pinger is a process that pings your hosts or devices that you have added to the system. What I have found is that it will fall behind when you add more hosts for it to ping such as printers, servers, computers, network devices.

I have found that increasing the value of the StartPingers in the zabbix configuration file will solve this issue.

  1. SSH into your zabbix server and enter your login credentials.
  2. Edit the “zabbix_server.conf” file (vi /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf)
  3. Find the section “Option: StartPingers”
  4. Edit or add a line of “StartPingers=(value)”
  5. Save the file “:qw”
  6. Restart the zabbix server (service zabbix_server restart)


Zabbix: Too Many Process on Zabbix Server

I have ran into this a couple times of when adding many checks and services to the Zabbix server.

Trigger: Too many processes on Zabbix server Trigger status: PROBLEM Trigger severity: Warning Trigger
Item values:
1. Number of processes (Zabbix server:proc.num[]): 354

What I have found to remedy this issue is change the trigger for the Processes Monitor.

  1. Click on Configuration
  2. Click on Hosts
  3. Find the Zabbix Host
  4. Under triggers column click “Triggers”
  5. Locate the “Too many processes on {HOST.NAME}” and click on that link
  6. Since the trigger is connected to a template you will need to click on the Parent Triggers template link.
  7. In the expression field change the value above of what the it is triggering at.
  8. Save the Trigger and that should resolve your issue.

Hope this helps in curing the alert. In my instance I have added more Pollers, Pingers and Discovers to many config which raised my amount of processes on the server. If you didn’t any of such make sure you check to why there is more processes on the server.


Websense Hosted Web Security Allow Certain YouTube Videos

I recently came across a interesting problem with the Websense hosted security and allowing just certain streaming videos from YouTube to be viewed. What I came across is that with a website it has a embeded YouTube video in the website and the user needed to play it. By default if you have streaming media blocked you wont be able to access anything on the streaming video site YouTube.

  • The setup is they are using the hosted endpoint client installed on the computers.
  • In the Websense online program you will login and create a new Custom Category under the Policies Management.
  • Name the Category accordingly “YouTube Allowed”
  • Add the following sites to the category (please note that these may change by site)
    10. (youtube unique id for video)
  • Note that each YouTube video has a unique id so find that id and apply it accordingly.
  • Once the custom category is completed go to Policies.
  • Select the policy that you are wanting to allow the YouTube videos on.
  • In the web policy that you selected click on the “Web Categories” tab.
  • Under the custom categories select the YouTube category that you created.
  • In the actions section click the “Allow Access” (with the allow access it will ignore any other blocking category.


This is the first revision and will be updated in the future.
I wanted to get others this information to assist them and if you have anything that you want to add be sure to send me a message or comment on this post.

FAN Add Host

Fully Automated Nagios Add a Host through the Centreon interface.

  1. Log into your FAN installation
  2. Click on “Configuration”
  3. Click on “Host”
  4. Click on “Add”
  5. Host Configuration
    Need to enter the following for the Host

    • Host Name
    • Alias
    • IP Address or DNS Name
    • Template – these are configured services to watch on the host.
    • Notification
      • Enable Notifications
      • Select the Contacts or the Contact Group that you want notified
      • Enter the interval in minutes to get repeat notifications
      • Select the Notification interval you would like notified
      • Select the Notification Options that you would like notified.
      • Enter the delay of the notification.
  6. If the host is related to another host or service you can edit it under the relations tab.
    • Parent Host Groups
      • The host group will group hosts in one view under the monitoring to view all like services.
    • Parent and Child Hosts
      • This helps if the Parent Host is down the child hosts will not send a alert that it is down also. Helpful if the ISP is down you don’t need to see that the devices are down at that location.
  7. Save the settings for that Host.
  8. Be sure the send the config to Nagios when done.

This is a quick guide to adding a host to the FAN interface through Centreon.





Fully Automated Nagios

I have changed jobs recently and was given the task of building a network monitoring system.

Check out

It is a complete setup that all you have to do is download the ISO, burn the DVD and start the installation.

In the installation process it installs Nagios with supporting packages of Centreon and NAGVIS.

Check it out and I will be updating these posts as I get more done in the project.

If you would like to add a article to this site please contact me and I will be willing to work with you.

Outlook 07 – Move Autocomplete Address List

Having the convenience of the address auto complete option in outlook is very handy. But when you move to a different computer those auto complete addresses do not follow you like all them emails do.

Steps to move the auto complete address to your computer are as follows.

  1. Close Outlook program
  2. On the computer with the saved auto complete name list. Open the folder location where the outlook files exist.
    Open Control Panel -> Mail -> Show Profiles -> Select your Profile -> Click Properties -> Data Files
    Under the file names list is the location of your outlook files on the computer.
  3. Copy the “(profile name).nk2” file.
    Save to a network share or thumb drive to move to new computer.
  4. On the new computer Copy the “nk2” file to the outlook folder location which can be found in step 2.
  5. If the name of the nk2 file on the new computer is different be sure to delete that file and rename the nk2 file that is being copied over.

This is a quick guide to moving the nk2 files.