Zabbix: Too Many Process on Zabbix Server

I have ran into this a couple times of when adding many checks and services to the Zabbix server.

Trigger: Too many processes on Zabbix server Trigger status: PROBLEM Trigger severity: Warning Trigger
Item values:
1. Number of processes (Zabbix server:proc.num[]): 354

What I have found to remedy this issue is change the trigger for the Processes Monitor.

  1. Click on Configuration
  2. Click on Hosts
  3. Find the Zabbix Host
  4. Under triggers column click “Triggers”
  5. Locate the “Too many processes on {HOST.NAME}” and click on that link
  6. Since the trigger is connected to a template you will need to click on the Parent Triggers template link.
  7. In the expression field change the value above of what the it is triggering at.
  8. Save the Trigger and that should resolve your issue.

Hope this helps in curing the alert. In my instance I have added more Pollers, Pingers and Discovers to many config which raised my amount of processes on the server. If you didn’t any of such make sure you check to why there is more processes on the server.


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