FAN Add Host

Fully Automated Nagios Add a Host through the Centreon interface.

  1. Log into your FAN installation
  2. Click on “Configuration”
  3. Click on “Host”
  4. Click on “Add”
  5. Host Configuration
    Need to enter the following for the Host

    • Host Name
    • Alias
    • IP Address or DNS Name
    • Template – these are configured services to watch on the host.
    • Notification
      • Enable Notifications
      • Select the Contacts or the Contact Group that you want notified
      • Enter the interval in minutes to get repeat notifications
      • Select the Notification interval you would like notified
      • Select the Notification Options that you would like notified.
      • Enter the delay of the notification.
  6. If the host is related to another host or service you can edit it under the relations tab.
    • Parent Host Groups
      • The host group will group hosts in one view under the monitoring to view all like services.
    • Parent and Child Hosts
      • This helps if the Parent Host is down the child hosts will not send a alert that it is down also. Helpful if the ISP is down you don’t need to see that the devices are down at that location.
  7. Save the settings for that Host.
  8. Be sure the send the config to Nagios when done.

This is a quick guide to adding a host to the FAN interface through Centreon.





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