Outlook 07 – Move Autocomplete Address List

Having the convenience of the address auto complete option in outlook is very handy. But when you move to a different computer those auto complete addresses do not follow you like all them emails do.

Steps to move the auto complete address to your computer are as follows.

  1. Close Outlook program
  2. On the computer with the saved auto complete name list. Open the folder location where the outlook files exist.
    Open Control Panel -> Mail -> Show Profiles -> Select your Profile -> Click Properties -> Data Files
    Under the file names list is the location of your outlook files on the computer.
  3. Copy the “(profile name).nk2” file.
    Save to a network share or thumb drive to move to new computer.
  4. On the new computer Copy the “nk2” file to the outlook folder location which can be found in step 2.
  5. If the name of the nk2 file on the new computer is different be sure to delete that file and rename the nk2 file that is being copied over.

This is a quick guide to moving the nk2 files.

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